Don’t sell your worldview

Chamath Palihapitiya in this interview at Stanford GSB talks about accumulating capital and deploying it towards his own worldview. The last 1 hr listening to it feels like a privilege. So many views resonated with me that I “felt” I should write about it to myself.

Your worldview is important

I have held a long time worldview about doing valuable work that I keep doubting when someone presumably more experienced, well-read or authoritative disagrees with me without any rational argument.

I know in my gut that this isn’t settled. I usually don’t accept it internally and yet I choose to go with their opinion so that we match. In short I was selling my worldview and I couldn’t feel wronger.

Thinking about it now makes me realize, this is because of low self esteem that I choose not to engage in a rational discussion about “why according to me” should it work this way. There are opportunities missed because of that.

When people are less afraid to stand by their worldview and debate on it rationally it creates a space for this very special moments where either you and your team gets aligned to one mission or it helps you change yours for the better. The best part is you’ll know why.

Accepting by default without expressing my worldview has costed me several times and the debt stings. Never did it occur to me that the world will be better if individuals thought more about what their worldview was and then stood by it, explained it’s rationality. Lesser people would accept defaults.

If you know something about the world don’t keep debating it with yourself. I have realised it is the dumbest thing to do. You are probably doing this because you are insecure, not confident or probably just overthinking.

Debating ideas with others (bringing rationality to the table) or validating them out against the world is the best way to optimize the quality of your worldview.

The world will be much more rational and efficient if we stopped selling out our worldviews.

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