Focus on the product not the character

Up-close shots of the shiny aluminum, sleek gliding headphone extension, the casual bouncy…

Your worldview is important

Photo by Giammarco Boscaro on Unsplash

What is JagrukCorona?

Jagruk Corona is a crowdsourced platform that helps citizens report any violation of lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic in their locality. The report is crosschecked by moderators(us for now) who inform the nearest police station.

Why build it fast?

  1. Rising cases: As of 1st April India had 2059 Confirmed cases and exponentially rising. …

Handprints of the team members at the time when they refused to sell the startup despite numerous offers form the silicon valley investors.

Pre Intern

Aniket Mandle

Product @LeapScholar prev @Cuemath. Curious about Behavioral Psychology, Design. First person blogs draw me in. Alum IIT Guwahati

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